"It's Never What You Think"


Three's "It's Never What You Think"

A full length feature film scheduled to shoot in end of March to mid April

Dramatic Horror Thriller Feature


Anna, Dillion and Mark are three young adults who think it's a good idea to sneak into a ventriloquist puppet museum to shoot their own original film. The story takes a real twist when they realize that nothing is as it seems and even their thoughts may not be their own. Trapped in a game of insanity where their lives are the real prize. 


Character Breakdown:

Dillion - Lead - Male-Age Range early 20’s, African American, Athletic Build,  Charming.   Role filled.

Mark- Lead-  Male- Age Range early 20’s Handsome, Athletic, Sociopathic. Role filled.

Anna- Lead- Female-Age Range early 20’s, Beautiful/Exotic and/or Unique Features, Athletic or Swimsuit Build, Love Interest. Energetic, Athletic and Confident. Kissing, Simulated Foreplay and Underwear Shots Required.  No Nudity.

Curator- Female-Age Range 40-50,  Curator of Museum. Artsy, Friendly, Well Spoken. Role Filled.
Reporter- Male/Female- Age Range 20's to 40's, Professional, Well Spoken
Security Guard- Male-Age Range mid to late 20’s- 40's, Handsome. Works at Museum will be killed. Role Filled.

Trace- Female-Age Range late teens to early 20’s, Beautiful, Spanish or Caucasion, Museum Patron. Role Filled.

Extras and Featured Extras - to portray Museum patrons


Production Staff/ Production:


2 Camera Operators


Focus Puller


Sound Engineer (own equipment preferable)


Director of Photography


Assistant Director



Boom Operator


2 Production Assistants


Behind the Scenes Videographer


Behind the Scenes Photographer    


Set Decorator/Property Manager


Make Up